Sunday, January 2, 2011

Holiday House/Tree Decorating

Here's a little view of our house and tree we decorated a couple of days ago when we went to visit with my cousin. These things are harder than they look, but quite fun!  

Holiday goodies for my boyfriend

My boyfriend is fun to shop for at the holidays. This year I got him 2 drink glasses with lots of drink recipes on the backs, several shirts, a Jimmy Buffett shark bite hat, a rock salt lamp, this little groovy santa statue, and a vodka gift set, but the vodka is in the skull head and it comes with little skull glasses. He loves the gift sets that come out near the holidays, and this is one he really seemed to checkout, so I picked it up for him. We had a snowy and quiet celebration. The snow was pouring then, so we just stayed in and opened our gifts, and watched a movie and tried to recover from the holiday hustle and bustle.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Holiday Gifts...Yay!

The holidays were great this year. The best thing about it was spending time with family and friends, but I have to admit the presents were pretty exciting too! haha The pictures you see here are various things that were gifts this year. I love this pin my cousin gave me-it's a 4 women pin to symbolize the 4 of us that are close in the family. She is so special to me and she always finds great gifts that touch my heart. She was also the one who had the picture created for me by an asian artist. The picture is actually embroidered. The detail amazes me, and so does she. Next up is pictures of some of the stuff by Tim Holtz. I love his stuff so was thrilled with all of this. The snowflake candle stuff I picked out, but as a present for me. I can use this more next year. Actually, since we expect more snow I could just leave it out now. I also am the proud owner of a new plush robe, and slippers to match. Ooh I love the feel of this thing so much. it makes me want to snuggle up forever. My boyfriend also picked out some lovely jewelry this year. A lovely set of swirl jewelry from Eastern Serenity. I knew I was getting the necklace, but the earrings, and bracelet were a real surprise. He also had me a stocking filled with lots of candy, cd's, calendars, and some pictures of us in a frame. His family also got me some bath and body works stuff. I love the snow kiss berry lotion-yum! I also had several pen pals that have sent goodies they have made, some stamps and one pen pal made me this wonderful little crocheted tea pot that holds tea bags-how totally adorbale! All in all it has been a wonderful healthy happy holiday season, and for that I am thankful.

Happy 2011

Happy 1/1/11 everyone! I love when dates are like that! We had a nice new Year's Eve. We went to a Japanese place where they put on the little dinner show for you, and then to the movies to see The Little Fockers. By midnight we were actually just en route home so we called all of our friends and loved ones on the cellphone to wish them a Happy New Year. I'm looking forward to 2011. I hope it is filled with peace, love, health and wealth for everyone.

Old posts for a new year....

Here are a bunch of cards I have stamped over the years, but since I was having trouble with my blog before I had taken some off etc. Basically this is one long post of cards! It's fitting to do on the first day of the year because that's what I would like to do much more of as the year goes on.