Thursday, October 19, 2006

Frosty Greetings

Well, I am finally working on my holiday cards a little today. I really want to use this "Frosty Greetings" sentiment by A Muse Rubber Stamps this year. I'm going to be playing around with several ideas over the next few days to see what I can come up with!

Sunday, September 3, 2006

Ribbons, ribbons...Oh My!

I found these great new ribbons at Jo-Anne Fabric this week. Most spools were only $1.99 woo hoo!!! I just love the cute pumpkin ribbon. They had bats and cats as well. I may have to go back after those now that I am home and still thinking about them. I'm off on Monday (Labor Day) so I think I'll spend the day stamping and using ribbon! I'm shocked at the amount of ribbon I actually use these days. I just love adding it to a card. I go through phases of what I use on the cards. For a while it was all clay embellishments, now ribbon.

Monday, August 7, 2006

Window Pane Cards

Man....I totally love these little window pane cards. I've looked online, and can't find who makes them now! Why do I figure out I love something ONLY AFTER I HAVE THROWN THE PACKAGE AWAY????

This card was made by using a Hero Arts flower set, and then adding little Prima Flowers on some of the stems. You can't tell from the picture here, but I used Perfect Pearls as a dusting on the flowers to give them that shimmer look.

Saturday, August 5, 2006

Red and Orange FW Card Swap

I am in a great online stamping group called The Divas of Stamping Design, and we do swaps each month called "Friendsday Wednesday" Each month you are paired up with a different person and you send that person out a card on Wednesday. This month I got a lady named Beth. The theme for the month was simple....just use the colors red, yellow, and orange in any shade for your creations. These are the 4 cards I came up with for Beth.....hmm....I hope Beth doesn't read my blog very often or she will see them in advance! I really like the triangle type stamp I got on my trip to Florida. I loved making the triangle card you see here. Any unusual shaped card is wonderful to me!

Stamping Goodies

I ended up going back to Florida again this summer. My uncle passed away this time, so it was a very sad occasion. My uncle Buddy lived in Miami, and it was 20 hours from us, but he truely was one of my favorites. Buddy always had a kind smile and a warm hug for you anytime you saw him. I was also glad to get to see a few of my cousins again. It was a shock to learn that one of them had been a stamper and scrapbooker, but I didn't even know it! My cousin was sweet enough to take me to a stamp store there in Miami called The Scrappy Stamper. A fabulous little store with a nice selection of goodies. I had just put in a huge order online before I left home or I would have really hit the shop wide open, but I still managed to get these goodies. I also found out that the shop owner was also from my home state which was kind of neat! I was excited to get the new H2O's to paint with, and I now totally love this new flower punch my cousin told me about. I also can't seem to enter a store without buying just a couple of Halloween stamps. My Halloween stamp collection is HUGE! It is my favorite holiday to stamp for! Well, I'm off to stamp.......

Wednesday, July 5, 2006


I Ijust love thunderstorms......I could sit and just watch the sky forever during a summer storm. The rain is harsh,and gentle against your skin all at the same time. My boyfriend and a couple of my friends went to watc the big firework display last night for the 4th of July, but we ended up not being able to see them from where we were parked. It was so rainy/foggy there just wasn't much of a show. We still had fun since we went out to eat at Pizza Hut earlier, and then to McDonald's for an ice cream after we finally gave up on the fireworks. I have been playing around with this little dress and shirt/jacket stamps from Art Impressions tonight. I love that there are so many ways to use these 3 stamps. I think I'm going to create a dress for every holiday out of all the pretty paper I have!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I've been feeling in the loving mood today so I decided to do this "smooches" card using A Muse stamps!

6 More A Muse Cards

I haven't been working with A Muse stamps very long, but it keeps surprising me by how quick I can make cards with these stamps. I am so inspired by the entire A Muse Crew!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

A Muse cards....7 today! between unpacking from my recent trip to Florida I surprised myself and managed to stamp 7 cards with A Muse stamps today. I think my favorite is that says...truly, madly,deeply. I made it for my parents 33rd anniversary which was yesterday....a day late, but I still wanted to do it.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Father's Day 2006 card

My father means the world to me. I stamped this ship for him because he has always been my guiding ship in life. He has always been a warm port to come home to. Having him in my life has made me a much better person. I stamped the anchor inside all over the card because I feel like he and his love is the anchor in my family. I hope he knows how much I love him this year, and every year!

Jimmy Buffett and A Muse cards

I went to a Jimmy Buffett concert in Charlotte, North Carolina on Sunday. The show was great...not that he has ever put on a bad show! I was inspired by all the flip flops and fruit drinks around to make these 2 cards using stamps by my new favorite company A Muse Rubber Art Stamps!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Green Woman/Flower Woman Card

I just love this Green Woman stamp from Wild Frog Designs. I made this card today since it is still Mother's Day and we all really need to think about Mother Earth and ways we can help like recycling etc!

Mother's Day stamping

Well, I finally finsihed a mother's day card for my mom. I wasn't sure what type to do this year, but decided on the traditional flower theme. The 3 roses on here got a little twisted on my scanner, but they are quite pretty when they are standing up! haha I used the TAC background stamp...The Beauty Of A is quite touching for any woman I think! My grandmother is still in the hospital, so mom is with her today. I'll be going out there in just a bit to take her dinner.....Chinese...both of our favorites! happy Mother's Day to everyone!!!

Monday, May 8, 2006

Buying things I won't use....

Why do I continue to buy things I know I won't use. I went to Jo-Ann Fabric on Saturday and bought the Fiskars Scrapboss 12x12 Embossing System. I brought it home to play with, and tried it out. I bought a couple of extra theme sheets to go with it, and it was good, but I have already put it back inside of the box...probably to never be seen again! I'm not real big on dry embossing anyway. I hsould have learned after the last stamp convention and buying ten zillion of Dream Weavers and Heritage stencils that I used only a few of after I got home. I can't seem to resist...they seem to call my name whie I am there looking at samples. We also stopped by Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart has an entire new scrapbooking section from my visit a week ago. The albums and kits were actually very pretty, but they only seemed to have a few themes: babies, cats, dogs, and sports. It is a start though. Oh how I wish I had a REAL store here!!!! I did get a 12x12 pad of transparency printed sheets that I liked, and some pretty ribbon. On a brighter note I am proud of myself for getting a couple of scrapbook pages done this weekend. One heritage type page with pictures of my great grandma, and another of a short vacation to Tennessee. I also managed to do a couple of cards which I'll attach to this post. Both cards were done with what I call the Staz-On technique. Stamp your images in black ink, and cover them with yellow Staz-On ink, then use make-up sponges to add other colors of Staz-On until you like it.....very simple!

Saturday, May 6, 2006

New Stamping/Scrapping DVD's

I just finished watching 4 new DVD's I ordered. I loved the new Tim Holtz DVD. I'm really getting into distressing my art, so that was inspirational. The Dutch Paper Crafting DVD was really good too. It finally made me understand spirelli string art, and ornanre paper piercing. As soon as the video was over I went and ordered several spirelli punches and metallic thread as well as some switch embossing templates, and ornare frames. I can't wait to use those! The Ink It Up DVD combined scrapbooking as well as stamping on every single project they did which was way cool. The HOTP DVD was alright, but I expected more from it somehow. The pages are all nice, but somehow I just wasn't all that excited about it. I buy up almost ever stamping or scrapping video ever made because I am not that close to stamp stores now, so those are the next best things to taking live classes from someone. Some other new goodies arrived with this order. I got severl punches since I am just love using an assortment of punches these days. I have to sets of the clip punches that I can't wait to try, a large Marvy those easy to use handle, a heart frame punch, more alphabet stamps this time they look like typewriter keys, and a couple of colors of walnut ink spray! I only managed to do one card last night before watching some Lifetime movie that was on called Wishcraft. The card I did used my new grid, but in the picture here you can't see the lines very well.

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Let people know you stamp....

It is great to let poeple know you stamp. My boyfriend and I went to my little cousin's softball game this evening, and we ended up talking to another couple. I found out the wife loves to stencil, paint etc. After a while I mention I love to alter cigar boxes, and turn them into purses etc. The husband loves cigars and soon came back with like 10 really beautiful empty cigar boxes for me! Woo hoo.....those should keep me busy for quite a while. The pictures are just a couple of cards I have been working on this week.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

New Goodies

Here are the goodies I bought at the new store I found in KY, but forgot to upload the other day. I am off from work today so maybe I'll actually get a chance to play with them today. Right now I ma getting ready to use a new plastic stencil for making grids by Impression Obsession....I hope it goes well...I'll post the results here later!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Creative Cards I Did Today

I love when several card ideas come to me at once. It is like I have to race to get them done before my mind goes blank again. I love Stonehenge and want to visit it someday, so I couldn't pass up doing a card in that theme. The brown and black Goddess card is done with a new plate I just ordered from one of my favorite companies called Cherry Pie Art Stamps. The other two are just my fooling around and trying the resist technique using my versamark ink pad, sponges, and dye inks!
This is a card I created today with my new stamps from The Enchanted Gallery. I love nature, and this woman/bird seems like a gentle mother earth caring for her creatures.

My First Blog Entry....

Hi everyone! I was becoming quite addicted to reading blogs, and decided I should create my own, and share all the wonderful gifts my muse shares with me in the wild world of art!