Saturday, January 21, 2012

Backing Up A Bit

  Halloween was all over the place this year as we were traveling a good bit. To start the weekend off we had tickets to a ballgame. After that we went down by the river park I love to visit. For dinner we went to a place that's sadly closing down now called Chilli Willi's-boo hoo. I'm so sad to see it go. We also had a drink from the special crystal skull set my boyfriend brought along. The pumpkin which isn't carved is one my boyfriend made for me when I was sick earlier in the week. He knows how much I look forward to pumpkin carving each year, but I honestly didn't feel up to it, so he created Jack for me wit a black sharpie marker. Yes, he gets lots of brownie points for that! haha Back to the weekend...we often visit the pumpkin house where they normally have over 3,000 carved pumkins. I like getting shots of a few of my favorites each year. This year my favorites were the north/south/east/west one as well as the greenman pumpkin! On the actual dayof Halloween I had to do some traveling for work and pretty much spent most of the night driving in the rain and fog, but all in all it was still nice.