Saturday, June 16, 2012

Art Journaling...Here I Come!!!

 I have been thinking about entering the world of art jounraling for a while now, but today I actually purchased a couple of journals to get started. I have dabbled in decorating books before, but it was before the art journal craze had hit, so I didn't really call it that. I normally stick to scrapbooking, rubber stamping cards, and making some jewelry making here and there. I love the feeling of freedom art journaling seems to create in me. I have practiced on a few pages here and there, but now that I have these books I have no idea what to put on the pages to just give me that jump start. Right now I am picking up a few things I may need to help in the art journaling process. If any of you out there do this form of art please let me know of anything else I may need.