Thursday, October 31, 2013

My Halloween 2013 Party!!!

 I had a little Halloween get together this year so here are a few pics of my favorite yummy treats I fixed. The first is of some coffin and tombstone brownies. The next one is individual skull cakes that I added gel icing eyes first them candy eyes on top. I also made some yummy cupcakes with skeleton hands and witch feet sticking up out of them, but I do need to learn not to take pictures in the dark. The picture quality of these are pretty bad, but it was fun. I tried my hand at chocolate mummy suckers, broom pretzels, and pumpkin suckers this year. I really enjoyed those-quick and easy to make-just my style! The next picture is of a witch I found at the store who really wanted to come to a nice little Halloween party so I took her home with me. The last picture is of some of the glasses I bought that my guests could choose from for a group photo at the end of the evening.