Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer Travels

My boyfriend and I took a little trip this summer through VA and WV, and saw some beautiful sites along the way like the waterfall and Seneca Rock State Park etc. you can see from the pics. We were making our way to take a scenic train ride on the Potomic Eagle train. While on the train there's an area you pass through that people usually spot bals eagles flying around, and we did!!! I loved seeing them in their natural element. All the scenery on the ride was great, and the train ride provided a nice lunch etc. for us. We went to a little train festival for a bit, and then headed from WV on to Maryland the next day to ride behind a steam locomotive. I forgot to take a picture of that one, but it was nice too. I wanted to head over to a restaurant called The Crabby Pig where I tried some Maryland Blue crabs for the first time. I'm a big crab leg eater, but having to hot these with a hammer and all was a whole new experience for me. We also stopped by a local art gallery there where I found some hand forged silver goddess jewelry, and I bought a picture of an owl by the artist that was there that day for my boyfriend. We were also able to add a quick visit to Harper's Ferry, W.V. and tour some of the local battlefields, see the quaint little town, have lunch at a cool place there, and visit several more little artsy stores. We hiked up to Jefferson Rock, and took a few photos, and on the way down is where I noticed the cool tree roots. I have a thing for trees. I also picked up the little tree pendant you see in the last photo to remember my favorite tree of the trip by. We had a great time, and I can't wait to go back again sometime.