Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jewelry I Made This Weekend

 I love all sorts of crafts, but over the last couple of years I have discovered beading and really enjoy it. While I'm beading is one of my most spiritual times. The beads tend to put me in some sort of trance and I am totally involved- first in the hunt for the perfect bead, then meditating on the magic of the stones, and the way they feel in your hand, and finally completing the creation. I also listen to lots of chanting and drumming during my beading time so that helps as well. I took a couple of shots of some of the pieces here so you can view them in different light. I will soon have my etsy store back up again, hopefully around the first of August, but I want to work on lots more creations for now while I'm in the mood. Anyway, pictured today is a little of this and that. There's some amber and jet, my favorite is the flourite and amethyst piece, a bit of coral and my latest idea was to make a pair of chakra earrings with swarovski crystals while centering myself. I will be making another smaller version of these soon as well. Well, I guess I better jump off of here and get back to beading!