Friday, July 10, 2009

Orb caught on vacation

Hey there! I just got back from a little vacation in the Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg TN area. While there we did lots of fun things like we saw the TN Shindig show, visited a couple of bead stores, went to the Scrapbook Superstore, ate good southern food until I was stuffed, and shopped around at all the little cute stores there and drooled over all the handmade wood creations. However, my favorite part of the trip was a haunted ghost walk we took in Gatlinburg. I have been on many of these ghost walks before in New Orleans LA, Savannah Georgia, St Augustine Florida, Abingdon, VA and more. The ghost tours are not the type where someone jumps out with a big BOO to scare you, but these are more of a walking history tour of parts of the cities where hauntings have been reported. I learn so much about the towns and history of these towns that anytime I'm near one I love to go. Anyway, on this tour we started and ended at the White Oaks cemetery and heard some stories there. Soon we began our walks down the back alleys of the town and heard various stories at each spot. I personally did not feel anything at any of the spots until we were below a river front hotel where the story started out as a young boy about 8 years old was staying with his family there and playing around jumping up and down on the balcony. His sister was 6 and wasn't going to be outdone by her loder brother and started jumping as well. The poor girl ended up falling to her death in the small river below. Her spirit has been seen many times by many people in the river and on the balcony. I took many photos along the walk, but during this time I caught what looks like a white round lit image, otherwise known as an orb. I don't know if this means anything or not, but the picture was a time when I was whispering talking to the child and asked her to say hello if she was there. I work with kids, and am very good with them, and they all seem very comfortable with me so I felt especially drawn to the little girl story I suppose. I did feel like there was something near there, so I find it fascinating that this was the only picture on the trip that I caught an orb above the water, but below the hotel. I'm not an expert on the paranormal in any way, but I do find it interesting. I don't know if it's real, or a reflection of some sort or what, but I liked seeing it in the photo. On the walk we were provided with an EMF reader, although not what I call a high quality one at all. I did see it go to the top setting 2 times on the walk though. Although when I took pictures of those areas I caught nothing on film, and didn't really feel anything different in those areas myself. Anyway, getting away on a little vacation was very nice. Sometime in late July I will be visiting the Charleston, SC area where I hope to take yet another ghost walk. I'll post on how it goes when I return.