Wednesday, July 11, 2012

On the road again....

 Our trip to Canada started with a Jimmy Buffett concert in Pittsburgh, PA. Jimmy put on a great show as usual. The next day we hit the road and stopped for lunch in Buffalo, New York to eat at The Anchor Bar-home of the original buffalo wings. Yes, we are wing people!!! It was yummy! Next we headed into Niagara Falls. It was already evening time, but the first look at the falls was stunning! We went up in the Skylon Tower for dinner. The tower has a revolving restaurant at the top that rotates fully about once an hour. During our dinner we were able to see the sunset on the falls which was gorgeous. Every night they also light up the falls with various colored lights that's great too. After dinner we went out on the observation deck to take in the view, and enjoy the city lights and falls at night. I think I could have just stayed up there forever!

 The next day was what I call our "wet day" since everything we did involved us wearing a poncho and getting wet. The first thing, and I have to say my favorite thing was a ride on The Maiden of the Mist boat. We had a great spot on the top deck, and at the rail for a perfect view. I honestly expected a mist, but the boat takes you much closer than I planned on, and we were soaked. It was wonderful though. It started out as a mist, and then you hear the roar of the water, and feel like you are in a rainstorm, but it's a very magical feeling being right in the heart of it all.

 We also did the Walk Behind the Falls tour and has a great time with great views. Next we headed to a 4-D movie called The Fury of the Falls. We were given our third poncho of the day, and went in to see a quick movie on how the falls were formed, then moved to another location for a motion type of adventure.

 We needed to dry out a bit, so we headed to this restaurant for some yummy food and another great view of the falls while we were eating.

 For dinner we went to The Rainforest Cafe. I love this place! We sat right at the base of this huge tree. The trees and animals were all through the place and there was lots ot look at. Every 15minutes or so, there is a thunderstorm (sounds-no water) and the faux animals all over the place start to move while the lights dim etc. We sat more in the elephant section so we could see their actions quite a bit. You are encouraged to get up and look around and take photos which was also nice.

 I couldn't forget my time at the Casino Niagara. I saw this game in all the thousands there, and had to out my $5.00 in to play. I had no idea what I was doing, but hit a few buttons and suddenly won $152. 28 so I was thrilled!!! You would have thought I hit the lottery the way I acted! Silly me! More pics coming soon of us heading to Toronto, Canada!